Sunday, January 22, 2012

Portal 2

Awesome sequel of an awesome game, Portal 2 is one of the few games where the aspect ratio fix is a straightforward.

 Once you have the 8:9 (960x1080) desktop custom resolution already created, just enter the game, go to OPTIONS / video.
The resolutions in Portal 2 are grouped by aspect ratio. Strange enough, the 8:9 custom resolution will be available when you select the 16:10 aspect ratio in game options. Choose the resolution and that's it.

 All 3D gamers know about the crosshair issue being present in almost all FPS games. I am using the IZ3D crosshair (3D) and I disabled the ingame crosshair. To disable the ingame crosshair, go to
 "Steam\steamapps\[USER NAME]\portal\portal\cfg\" and edit "config.cfg" (Wordpad). Look for crosshair "1" variable and change it to crosshair "0". Enjoy the game by enabling the crosshair provided by the 3D driver.
 The game isn't absolutely perfect in 3D,  but the issues aren't so bad to stop you from playing in 3D. The screenshots do not contain such problems.

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