Saturday, January 21, 2012

Avatar: The Game

  Since this blog's subject involves stereoscopic 3D, I couldn't miss a native 3D game like Avatar: The Game (2009).
 Being a native, the game does the stereo by itself and it doesn't need any 3rd party driver.
As expected, every detail works flawlessly in stereoscopic mode. All the needed stereo settings can be found ingame, in Options/Display. 
 For fullscreen crosseye 3D, the needed stereoscopic mode is "Side-by-Side", while the "Invert left and right eyes" option must be checked. You can also set "3D intensity" to 2 (maximum), because you won't have to deal with ghosting issues. Tune all other 3D options as you desire.
  Although the game can be set in the 8:9 custom resolution (e.g. 960x1080), the aspect ratio will still be wrong.
  The problem is solved by setting the 8:9 resolution in Windows desktop prior to starting the game. In other words, the game starts in the desktop's aspect ratio. Practically, make the desktop look "fat", to make the game look normal in side-by-side.
 You can actually use any resolution ingame, but it will affect the HUD and game menu's aspect ratio. The perfect look will be obtained by using the same 8:9 resolution you just applied to the Windows desktop.
 I apologize for the screenshots' quality. Apparently, taking stereo screenshots was way more difficult than tweaking the game for fullscreen crosseye:

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